Soybeans and its properties

Soya is a herbaceous plant with a spiky shoot, its leaves are oval, sharp and green. Its fruit is like beans, in which there are three to five cubes in each pod apart from each other. Soybean color is different in different types, and yellow, white, black, gray and ghastly color is seen. Soybeans have been food for the people of Asia especially for China for centuries. The Chinese eat it with rice as their main food. The United States is the largest producer of soybeans, producing about two thirds of the world’s total product. Soybeans in Iran are known as Soyaa and Soybeans (Chinese beans). Soybeans are one of the beans and native to Southeast Asia. Soybeans are very famous for its many uses and nutritional properties. Soya foods include soy milk, tofu, soy sauce and soy oil. Soybeans contain large amounts of phytic acid, alpha linolenic acid and isoflavones. Different research suggests that soy beans are associated with a reduced risk of breast and prostate cancer. Soy seeds are as large as a slightly flattened pea. Soybean seeds use more herbs in herbal medicine, but they use more yellow seed for lubrication. Soy is used for human nutrition because of its protein and nutrients. Soybeans have come from China to other parts of the world, and there is wildly in that country. Soybeans have about 3500 different types, each of which requires special weather

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